Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Japonica Market Review

Japanese fashion is simply amazing but can sometimes be hard to obtain. To remedy this problem, many people offer shopping services to aid those wishing to purchase such clothing. My personal favorite out of the many shopping services would be Japonica Market. I've been using them for quite some time and I haven't been disappointed since. I have recently been doing some shopping and finally sent in to have my items shipped.

 I chose to have my items shipped via EMS shipping and everything arrived in three days.

My items where carefully wrapped in bubble film so everything was protected from damage.

All items remained in their original packaging.

What did I buy you ask? Here are some pics of my purchases after removing them from their packaging.

This would have to be my favorite item out of all my purchases. The hooded vest is by h.NAOTO's sub-brand Sixh and was only 1000 en. The reason for the low price was probably because it was missing a button. I had planned to remove all the current buttons and replace them but upon further inspection, I found a spare button sewn next to the care tag.

I had originally thought that this was a shirt when purchasing but after reading through the discription I found out that it is actually a one piece. I was in love with the image and bought it without reading anything. The one piece works very well as a long tunic.

I have been intrigued my the popularity of sarouel pants in Japanese fashion so I decided to purchase some. These pants are some of the most comfortable pants I've ever worn.

I had bought two pairs of sarouel pants and these feel like a dream. The material is very soft and flows nicely.

Japonica Market Review:
Service: ★★★★★
Pricing: ★★★★★

There is a reason why I only use Japonica Market when purchasing things from Japan, They have never disappointed me. They reply quickly and will work their hardest to get whatever items it is that you want. Their pricing is fair and upon receiving your items will hold them for a maximum of thirty days.

I hope this review will be helpful for those looking to use this company, I highly recommend them.

until next time,