Sunday, November 6, 2011


A friend and I decided that I would be  fun to have a small pre Halloween meet up with a couple of our Lolita friends. We had decided on an Alice in Wonderland theme and would dress up as Lolita versions on Alice,The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat and The Mad Hatter. I had chosen to be The Mad Hatter. When the day finally arrived, I got up rather early to get ready. When I came out of my room I was rather surprised not to see my sister anywhere in sight. I later found out from one of my nieces that she went out with one of her friends and that I was to watch her kids. WTF~ I had been waiting for this day to come for weeks and my sister screwed me over. Being rather upset because I had told everyone that I was going out on that day and all the time I had wasted getting ready I sulked for the rest of the day. I attempted to text my sister to see when she would be back but she kept saying later and never gave me an exact time. I pretty much let the kids do whatever they wanted and just made sure that no one died and the house didn't burn down. When my sister returned, I simply bitched her out and direct her to the enormous mess that her kids had made. Her friend that she went out with for the day felt rather bad knowing that my sister ruined my day and had brought me a box of sweets from cake shop they had visited.
I decided to go for a darker Visual Kei inspired look for The Mad Hatter. I don't have a full outfit shot but the pieces I used were from Alice and the Pirates, h.NAOTO, B.P.N. and Innocent World. I had also made a small card to adorn my hat with since The Mad Hatter would not be as recognizable with out his 10/6 card.
I hope that in the future we could maybe revisit this theme. I really like the way everything looked together and was heart broken that I couldn't attend the meet. I swear the next time my sister pulls this shit on me there will be dire consequences...

Until next time,


  1. You look awesome at least! :]

    IM SORRY THAT HAPPENED! Ive had thathappen to me too :[

  2. I know how that feels, I totally missed Halloween last year after I had my outfit all planned too! D: I remember you told me about your sister before, I'm sorry that she gave you a hard time again. Luckily, and Alice theme is always in style!

    On the other hand, you look awesome! I love your contacts and what you did with the hat. The card looks amazing!