Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Petticoats petticoats petticoats

As we all know, a petticoat is essential to the lolita shape although some may give out over time. I've had quite a few petticoats over the years and had many different experiences with different materials. I guess I'll be doing a "best of" and "worst of" petticoat review.

The Tulle Petticoat

I cannot say how much I hate these. The material is rather delicate and loses its poof easily. I wear mostly brand pieces so to spend 9000 yen on something that will become flat after maybe a month of constant wear is a waste. There is a way to bring this type of petticoat back to life. I've heard of lolitas adding more tulle to the petticoats and thus bringing them back to their former glory.

The Organdy Petticoat

I favor these over the tulle petticoats. Organdy is much stiffer than tulle so you'll get more poof for your money. I have a Meta organdy petticoat and its still kicking after 3 years. although it has nothing to do with poof, another reason i favor these is that they are also visually pleasing. With the tulle petticoat, not much can be done with it besides sewing to lace to the hem. My Meta organdy petticoat is covered in ruffles and pin tucks.

The "Volume" Skirt

I consider these to be the holy grail of petticoats. This type of petticoat doesn't rely on stiff material to give it poof but instead layers and layers of gathered fabric. The best thing about these particular petticoats is that they will never lose their poof. I bought a h.NAOTO volume skirt a while ago and it has become my #1 petticoat. I'm considering buying a couple more just to see how ridiculous they will look layered on top of each other.


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