Friday, April 22, 2011


Erica had given me a heads up about an event that was happening at Ala Moana Center. Sephora was having a special event for their collaboration with Hello Kitty and Yuko Yamaguchi was going to do a signing as well as bring an entourage of Californian Lolitas. I got there at around 11 and walked past Sephora a couple of times to see if there were an Lolitas to be found. The first time around I didn't see any Lolitas but the staff were all wearing huge pink fluffy head bows. I met up with Erica a short while later and went back to see if any Lolitas decided to make an appearance. As we got closer, we noticed girls decked out in AP and where quite excited to see other Lolitas around. I went to go get changed into my Boy Style attire but felt a bit out of placed standing next to girls dressed in pastels. We made ideal chitchat and introduced ourselves,everyone was so nice. Sadly, Erica had to go to a meeting later and left me to fend for myself D: I Stayed at Sephora and luckily the event coordinator allowed me to help out. I helped the girls hand out flyers for the event and took pictures with random people, it was a little strange but fun. Later, I decided to call one of my friends and he arrived just as everyone was being let off of a break. We hung out until Erica made it back dressed in her AatP JSK. After everyone was all set, we went to wait in line for the event.

wearing Erica's head bow
Lovely Californian Lolitas
Yuko Yamaguchi
Erica and myself with Yuko Yamaguchi
I didn't buy anything from the Sephora X Hello Kitty collection but I was lucky enough to get into the event as Erica's accessory XD While waiting in line in Sephora some Sanrio representatives noticed my bag. I was carrying an older Sanrio bag that could only be obtained through their stamp card system. I felt kind of bad because the bag wasn't the greatest shape but they were still happy to see it. I was also extremely lucky to have something signed buy her after the event coordinator spotted me in line and pulled some strings. What did I get signed you ask?

My bag of course~
Truly a memorable day~


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  1. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad you were my accessory! So that is TWO designers we've met in Hawaii, isn't it? :3