Saturday, April 23, 2011 & Princess Mimi/Bambi Circle Lense Review

I had recently ordered some circle lenses from and I thought I would share my experience with my readers~

My first pair of lenses hand recently expired so I thought that a new pair was in order. I stumbled upon after finding their listing for lace lenses that I wanted for wearing with Lolita fashion. The lace lenses were nice up seemed a bit too out there for everyday wear. After searching their site, I decided to get the ever popular Princess Mimi/Bambi lenses in Chocolate Brown as well as Apple Green.

One of the main reasons I decided to order from was that they offer free shipping worldwide. I placed my order on the 11th of April and the lenses where shipped out on the 15th. I usually get extremely impatient when waiting for anything coming in the mail but these where driving me crazy. Luckily, they arrived a lot quicker than I had thought the would and I received on the 20th.

The lenses where shipped in a roomy bubble mailer and where packed rather well. I shook the package and couldn't feel or hear any movement.

The lenses where packed in super cute pink bags covered in golden stars. had also included a card to keep track of when your lenses expire as well as a general guide on using and caring for circle lenses.

The lenses where also packaged in bubble wrap and came with free lens cases.

☆ Review☆
Customer Service:★★★★★
Would you purchase from them again?:YES

I was rather happy with my overall experience. had answered all of my questions quickly and updated my order as soon as they could. The cute packaging was a total plus for me as things of a cuter nature will get you extra brownie points. I totally recommend them to anyone that's looking to get a pair of circle lenses with out the hassle.

Before finding circle lenses, I would be constantly let down with colored contacts because of my dark eyes. The Princess Mimi/Bambi lenses are amazing. I love,Love,LOVE these lenses. At the current moment, I only have opened the Apple Green lenses. They look super cute and I have a feeling that I'll be opening the Chocolate Brown ones in the very near future.

☆Princess Mimi/Bambi Lens Review☆
Color: ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★

The color of these lenses is amazing yet no where near natural. I was rather scared of ordering anything but brown lenses just because I thought they would look odd with my skin tone but these look great. The lenses are comfy but tend to feel dry pretty fast. I don't know if its just my eyes but it becomes a bit bothersome. Enlargement is great as well, making the wearer look extremely cute and doe eyed.

I hope my review has been helpful to anyone thinking about using or purchasing these particular lenses.



  1. Even the packaging was adorable! I love those green lenses on you, they blend really naturally in person.

    I'll have to order from there soon too! ^^

  2. :D thanks so much for the review! The green is so beautiful!

    I didn't know where the best place to buy color contacts from!!