Saturday, September 17, 2011

Clothing-Drop Review

I've been wanting a new blouse for quite some time now. I have searched the comm_sales for blouses but didn't find anything I liked or would be out of my price range. I was getting rather frustrated but then remembered Clothing-Drop and decided to take a look. There blouses were also a bit too pricey for me but I then spotted a blouse for a measly 26 dollars. Intrigued by the price I decided to take a look. The blouse in question was covered in sweat stains but it had potential so I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

I bought the blouse on September 8th and altogether with shipping it came out to $38.20. Clothing-Drop had informed me that they would ship the blouse out on the September 13th as they have set aside certain days from shipping off items. On September 12th I received an e-mail from Clothing Drop stating that the bottom three buttons were missing from the blouse and asked if I still wanted it. I was well aware of the staining on the blouse but the missing buttons were not listed in the items description. The blouse was a consignment item so there was nothing they could do in terms of compensation. I was a little bit annoyed that they could let something like that slip by but I planned on changing the buttons anyway. I replied stating that it wasn't a problem and still would like the blouse.

I received a another e-mail from Clothing-Drop stating hat they were able to ship my order at a reduced cost and refunded half of the shipping cost. I received my tracking number on September 13th although my order did not ship until the following day. I was a little confused by this since Clothing-Drop states on it website that they ship items every Tuesday and Friday.

I received my order on September 17th and although a little beaten up the envelope was still perfectly sealed.
The blouse was protected inside a plastic bag along with a note from Clothing-Drop.
Although there is a vast amount of sweat staining on the blouse it still has a lot of life in it. I plan to tea dye the blouse first and then dye it black.

Would you buy from them again?
I would definitely buy from clothing drop again. Clothing-Drop was very nice and I was rather glad that they took the time to inform me of things they had not written in their item description. Shipping time was pretty standard for things being shipped within the US via Priority Mail. Their item selection is a little scarce at the moment but they do have a few beautiful things up for grabs.

P.S.~ Be sure to keep an eye for my revamp post.

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