Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guess who had a secret made about them~ XD

I was rather concerned that someone would be all like "WTF HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND?!" and behold here it is in secret form~ To answer this person's question, I fell out of a car and landed on that hand but have small cuts all the way up to my elbow. It takes some real skill to accomplish something like falling out of car where you have to pull the seat back to get out.The comments are rather hilarious but one it particular made me feel a little attacked. I will say this though. Anyone that hides behind an anonymous post is a pussy. If you can't say it without hiding behind anonymity why say it at all?


Because I'm a male lolita so I must be a flaming queer,right? 

If these bitches gonna hate on me then bring it. Imma do what I like~ ;P
Until next time,


  1. Seriously what a jerk to poke about someone's scar. I'm so sorry though about how you got that scar. Funny how people can talk so much shit about someone but not directly to there face. Cowards. I happen to love your tutorial btw! I want to try that to one of my blouses ^^

  2. I'm sorry for how you got the scar. I can't stand it when people make comments like that..and also being anonymous..
    I really loved your tutorial, it looked pretty easy to do!